Friday, 21 July 2017

Sea Trust breakwater dolphin watches...

Sea Trust is taking groups out dolphin watching on the Outer Breakwater of Fishguard Harbour this summer as a fundraiser We cant guarantee they will be there but they were yesterday afternoon.
They put on quite a show and at a fiver a head everyoner thought it was a great deal!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Risso's rarer this year, seen from S

It has not been a great year for Risso's whereas in recent years they have been seen most months often in numbers both from the shore and from the ferry. I fear military exercises in the spring may have been responsible... The helicopters we saw here, off the Pembrokeshire coast from the Stena Europe in early April use anti submarine dipping technology. Basically they dangle sonar transmitters into the sea and emit low frequency sound. I am no expert but we do know naval anti submarine sonars can be devastating to submerged cetaceans as well as submarines.
As deep divers Risso's would be particularly vulnerable.
My concerns may be unsupported inasmuch we dont know where or if such weapons were deployed, but it would be odd to have a naval exercise that did not include anti submarine missions.
I realise that we need adequate defences against ever evolving weapons that may be used against us by regimes that care little for human like far less animals. None the less the time money and effort invested in potentially exterminating human beings either singly or en mass, and all the other life forms on this planet does seem illogical.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Breakwater porpoises last Sunday...

Forgot to mention that although the dolphins failed to show on Sunday, we did spot at least 3 distant porpoises off towards bottles can kill porpoises, so its not surprising that they have been scarce recently.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Strumble Diary 18/07/2017

A wierd sort of day today at strumble. The light wasn't the best the tide was in good flow but the porps were being very shy. They were there but it was more dash and splash than show and flash. We were seeing the odd fin here or there but nothing of any note except at one time a few were showing very far out. So despite my best attempts out of a very low eighteen shots taken only three were remotely suitable to show on the blog the remainder being just spray or a very small fin tip. However it's still a record of them being there even if they didn't want to be seen easily.

Stevo's report...

Stephen Lucas

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Monday 17th July

Mum, Dad and I went down the North Breakwater at 5pm. And we saw 2
Bottlenose Dolphins feeding with the gannets. We stayed down there
from 5:15pm till 6:15pm.
The sea conditions was good and we also saw 1 seal.
The Bottlenose Dolphins were in spectacular display.
One was dark the other light we think they were. Ringo and Apache.



Monday, 17 July 2017

Strumble Diary 17/07/2017

Before todays edition I just want to mention yesterday. Although it was a dreary foul start I did get out there and despite it being rubbish condidtions mostly I did manage a few shots and got some of a marked porp I hadn't seen before, so another to add to the database. Through the murk I did see a group of Common Dolphin and Richard had also seen some at around 7am long before I got there. Another larger group were spotted later in the session after the murk had lifted but way too far out for any images. Back to today then and a different day weatherwise with clear blue skies and very calm conditions. The action picked up as the tide moved along with sporadic sightings over the session with a guesstimate of twenty to thirty overall. The Sea Trust crew were there keen eyed and recording sightings too with everyone getting a sight of the action out in the tide race. They left an hour or so before I did and although the action had quietened down it still persisted up untill I left with Gannets still marking the porps attendance.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

From Stevo!

Stephen Lucas

15 Jul (1 day ago)
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Saturday 15th July

Dad and I went on the North Breakwater at 5pm- 5:25pm. We saw about
3/4 Bottlenose Dolphins feeding with the gannets. The sea conditions
was good. We were only there for half and hour watching the Bottlenose

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Porps at Last.

At last I managed to get some porp shots with the new lens. None came really close but I'm just happy to have got any at all. Conditions were poor and the porps were not showing that well and the distance made for a good test anyway. Onward and upward as they say with tomorrow being another day, for porp watching that is.

Small Boat Survey from Swansea

On Wednesday I met up with my old shipmates from the Gower Marine Mammal Group and we did a survey from Swansea combined with a little angling. We worked along the Gower to Worms Head and then as conditions improved headed offshore ending up 12 miles SW of Lundy. We encountered a number of small pods of common dolphin, one group with very young juvies. The behaviour of another group was something I have never witnessed in common dolphins, they were extremely active, violently splashing but hardly breaking the surface. I had a similar experience with a Sea Trust trip to Newquay years ago and that was caused by testosterone fuelled male bottlenosed dolphins. We had a distant whale sighting off Lundy. It surfaced twice in the 50 minutes we waited around for it but never came to play. A probable minke. The total was 166 common dolphin, only a couple of porps but to finish the day an adult and juvenile porp 30 metres off Swansea Breakwater. 2 bass 5 Pollack and a pouting completed the tally. A gruelling 12 hour session in perfect weather!!