Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Strumble Diary 19/09/2017

A promising weather forecast and a favourable tide got me out of bed early for a watch at Strumble. When I arrived Chris Greyell was already there and pointed out a pod of some 20 or so Commons way off to the north. We watched as they moved along quite rapidly to the west and out of sight. Some time later we spotted possibly another pod around 30 strong moving up from the St Davids direction, although this could have been the same pod as seen earlier. At the same time a further small pod of around 10-12 animals were observed off to the north again at about 1 1/2 miles distant. As the tide race formed it was the turn of the porps to get my attention and although only a few came in close there were quite a few around showing right out into the distance. The action quickly pushed through to the west with several animals foraging off the lighthouse. A young grey seal barely off the beach put in an appearance just below the lookout with several other seals seen out in the tide race. I ended the session around 11.30am.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Strumble ramps up with Risso's as well as commons and porpoises.

The  cetacean show at Strumble continues with record numbers of Common Dolphins being recorded at Strumble in the last couple of weeks.
Old friend and veteran Strumbler Richard Davies of Ammanford  recorded the following:
Common Dolphin - 40
Risso's Dolphin - 4
These along with Kens porpoises, three cetacean species in a day where else but Strumble!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Strumble Diary 12/09/2017

A little late getting this post up but worth waiting for. Yesterday afternoon was getting increasingly more dreary as the first named storm of the Autumn closed in. The light was below what I'd like but we went anyway. A strong and increasing westerly was pushing the swells through with a choppy wave set on top. The porps didn't mind though and were showing extremely well despite the conditions as you can see in the images below. Wave after wave were moving through the tide race and at one stage we had at least ten if not twelve animals foraging just a couple of hundred metres off the lookout. Several breaches were observed during the period with many of the animals feeding in pairs or more. The weather eventually closed in so we left just before 4.50pm.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Bottles one day Porpoises the next!

On Saturday we popped down to the breakwater having been told by Sea Trust stalwart Ian Hotchin, that the bottles were around , Around they were, but by the time we got there they were a half a mile out in the bay among the choppy waves.

Only a couple of record shots sadly but yesterday Holly and I went out again and to our surprise instead of Dolphins we had porpoises including a female and a very small calf!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Ian's been out there!

Keen local yachtsman and Sea Trust Supporter Ian Hotchin has been out among the cetaceans around Fishguard Bay. It seems the Common Dolphins Ken saw at Strumble had moved a little further north around Pen Anglas on Thursday where Ian filmed them, we will hopefully add the film in the next day or two. He also reported Bottles around the harbour mouth yesterday with lots of gannets. Thanks Ian!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Strumble Diary 07/09/2017

I was severely teased this morning. Not having seen a Rissos for a very long time I have been wishing them to appear every time I visit Strumble. This morning I set up the camera and raised the binoculars to immediately see the unmistakable fin of a Rissos Dolphin to the east and about half a mile out. The pulse rate went up and that feeling of excitement came over me. A quick move to the camera. Get direction, set focus and as i did I saw the last few inches of fin submerge as it slipped back to the depths. I looked and looked but never saw it again so well annoyed but pleased really to see one back in the area. During the session I also spotted two sunfish and around thirty or so Porpoise.

Strumble Diary 06/09/2017

A belated entry for yesterday. When I arrived the ebb flow was already building and flowing against a stiffening NW wind. This was producing sizable swells and very turbulent water. The porps were there but not showing very well due to the conditions. It was a case of one breath and gone again in most cases so very hard to get on them and track them. A few did oblige though and I managed some images for the record. I had to leave early but my brother spotted a large Sunfish later in the afternoon.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Strumble porpoises 4/9/17.and some later CL news from last week.

An hour at Strumble this morning in misty conditions first sighting was of seal pups on the boulder beach by the lighthouse.They were my first but there are reports of pups around the North Pembrokeshire Coast  as the Grey Seal breeding season gets into gear.  

Back to our usual perch and in the distance I saw what looked like a flipper waving, had to be a Sunfish!

Porpoises showed on the ebb but mainly distant , although these two came a bit closer!

This was more typical!

Also got this from Andy Rickard:...
hi cliff 
sightings for Sunday 27th August 
We followed a similar path as Saturdays trip with you. 
Commons = 200 or more in same areas  more calves seen today  to the delight of the younger members of my family. 
Minke had moved on, tuna not seen 
One  large sunfish 6 miles from St Anne's Head.
sea state 0