Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Commons from Justin,

2 pods of common dolphins between the Smalls and Grassholm. 29th May. A group of around ten and a smaller group of around six.
Commons also spotted off St Govans on the 28th May. Only saw two.

Justin Price-Williams 

Brill thanks for this Justin!!!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Strumble Diary 30/5/16

Arrived at Strumble just before 10am to low cloud and a light northeasterly breeze. It soon cleared and I settled back to enjoy the sun and hopefully some porps. A short time in I was joined by Mr John Rees and his family from St Dogmaels who'd previously been on a couple of boat trips with us. Cliff arrived shortly afterwards and we got on with spotting. Sightings were slow and fleeting throughout the morning with no more than two or three pairs and the odd individuals moving through the tide race. A similar scene to yesterday's session. A small seal approaced to the delight of John's little daughter Gracie and it was lovely to see the delight on her face at seeing it. On processing the images I noted a calf almost glued to it's mother it was so close and maybe it was the same one as captured yesterday however we can never be certain.

Note the calf tight at it's mother's side.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Strumble 29-5-16 Early Session

Got out there early today to catch the flood tide. Several porps throughout the morning mulling around on the edge of the race with the occasional feeding flurry. Not anywhere as much activity as has been seen on the ebb tides of late but did see a mother and calf pair swim through.

Between The Smalls & Grassholm

A trip out to the Smalls yesterday produced a lone porpoise, and then a fast-moving pod of 15-20 Common Dolphins. They all seemed (very) large adults: no calves or youngsters.

Sat 28th May Continued (late entry)

It was a fine day at Strumble yesterday and as previous sessions had shown a lot of action off mackerel point I decided to position myself on the clifftop above the point. The law of sod applied of course and most of the action was well out into the tide race. The porps were starting to move in and I was looking forward to a good session. Cue male impressing a few females in a speed boat chasing and ripping through the feeding porps and that sent the porps even further out.  Thankfully a few pairs and odd individuals did come in closer and I managed a few shots. One animal of interest was the one with the severed fin which I had previously recorded on March 1st this year. (First three images)

Some of the 50+ porpoises active around Strumble yesterday!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

More Risso's, this time from the south of the county!

On 28/05/16 at approx. 1400 a pod of Risso Dolphins of at least 8, including 2 calves were spotted just West of Freshwater East, Pembs.

Mike Brown

Strumble diary 28/5/16... starters!

I arrived to find Kens car but no Ken at the lookout, however there were porpoises! The sea was flat calm and although most of them were distant possibly due to a speedboat playing about in the area, there were porpoises in all directions and visible at over two miles away maybe three! Thankfully some were closer...

A couple were nearby with their dogs enjoying the sun and were wondering what I was looking at so I gave them my binoculars so they could see them, soon after we saw Ken waving from a point above Mackerel Rock. I did a couple of slow counts over the area and the maximum count was forty seven. On the basis that not all of them would be up at ther same time its reasonably safe to say that as a conservative estimate there must be around sixty animals present and possibly sixty or more!

I am pretty sure that he will have some much better images than me so over to you Kenneth!...

Fishguard Bay...

Flat calm conditions so went out on outer breakwater. several 4-5 porpoises seen over a mile away, first seen for some weeks and probably would not be visible if not for flat calm!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Porp Video 26/5/16

So many porps around today and feeding relatively close together off mackerel point that it allowed for a bit of video footage. Keep in mind this was just a 1:47  snapshot of what turned out to be a fantastic session. See also stills in previous post.