Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Strumble Diary 28/03/2017

Hi Folks. Another worthwhile session at Strumble today. I arrived before the ebb flow started and as yesterday things were a little slow to start but when they did the sightings came thick and fast. I'd estimate around thirty animals in all with quite a few coming in a lot closer than yesterday much to the delight of some visitors who had joined me for much of the session. Always pleased to pass on local knowledge and if you read this I'm glad you enjoyed a couple of hours sea watching with me. At one time a group of four porps moved up the tide stream with other sightings being mostly single animals.

Strumble Diary 27/03/2017

A little late getting this post up but better late than never as they say. A bright morning with a dropping tide as I arrived at the lookout around 09.15. The wind was light but cool from an ESE direction with a sea state of 1-2. Sightings were slow to start but as the race developed several porps were seen at the extreme edge of the tide race about a mile out. No really close sightings and as the tide moved along so the porps moved to the west of the lighthouse. With the wind increasing and the sea becoming more confused it was difficult to pick them out. By midday they had all but washed through with no sightings in my last half hour of watching. The highlight of the morning was a shot of a Merlin as it sped past some twenty metres away.

A Merlin having a good look at me as it cruised past.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Organisation: Sea Trust CIC

Job title:     Project Coordinator
Salary:          £14,500 per annum
Location:     Goodwick, Pembrokeshire
Duration:     This is a fixed term contract from April 2017 to March 2018 (the position may be extended subject to 
                       funding). We would expect the successful applicant to work a trial period.
Hours:           35 hours per week (10 am to 5 pm), will include weekend work. Occasional evening work & travel                 
Closing date: 31 March 2017
Fantastic opportunity to work with Sea Trust in Pembrokeshire. We are a non-profit community interest company dedicated to marine wildlife conservation. We need a computer literate, preferably marine biologist/zoologist to work with us based in the Ocean Lab, Fishguard. The applicant must be capable of using initiative and be outgoing. You must also be practical, happy to work outdoors and be willing to get your hands dirty i.e. aquarium maintenance.


Initially the duties of the Project Coordinator will be:

·         Front of house, taking bookings, aquarium tours, responding to general enquiries
·         Aquarium maintenance and development
·         Volunteer recruitment and management
·         Cetacean surveys and data analysis
·         Assist with grant applications
·         Development and implementation of marketing and publicity programme e.g. website development, social media
·         Environmental education activities with school and colleges

It is essential that you have:
·         Degree in marine biology or related subject
·         Good project working skills – planning, reporting, meeting deadlines
·         Experience of marine conservation or other community environmental initiatives
·         Knowledge of local marine wildlife and habitats
·         Excellent IT skills
·         Ability to work independently and on own initiative, as well as ability to work under direction & collaboratively
·         Good interpersonal and facilitation skills - to develop effective working relationships with groups and other organisations
·         Team working skills – to effectively work alongside colleagues, sharing knowledge, providing advice and guidance when necessary to build good working relationships.
·         Good oral and written communication skills
·         Good organisational and multi-tasking skills
·         Experience as a volunteer or managing or being managed by volunteers
·         A flexible and adaptable approach to meet the needs of the organisation
·         Enthusiasm for the aims and objectives of Sea Trust
·         DBS certification or willingness to undertake one
·         Good sea legs
·         Full car driving licence and the use of a suitable vehicle for work.

It is desirable that you have:
·         Fluency in written and spoken Welsh
        Experience working in a marine aquarium
·         Experience delivering environmental education
        Knowledge on cetaceans and survey methods
·         Experience of fundraising
·         Live within a 20 mile radius

To apply, please submit a recent CV and covering letter to Cliff Benson at info@seatrust.org.uk. Closing date 31 March 2017. If you would like to discuss further please contact Cliff Benson / Anna Elliott on 01348 874737

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Strumble Diary 25 3 17

I took Laura and Rens down to Strumble at about 4pm for the last day of the winter time. It was nearing high tide and running strong. I was struggling with the new Nikon as someone had changed the multiple exposure settings but manged to get a few shots including a mother and calf. I suspect Laura and Rens may have done better

The surprise of the day though, came from Graham; AKA "The Tall Twitcher" who lucked in on a pod of common dolphins!...

Tall Twitcher 

Attachments14:38 (3 hours ago)
to me
Attached are some photographs for Cliff of a pod of six individuals.
Taken at approx 600 metres distance at 10:07 this morning. 

So all in all despite mixed weather, Strumble produces the goods yet again! Three species this month: Harbour Porpoise , Risso's Dolphin, and Common Dolphin! not to mention Grey Seal...


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Strumble Diary wind in the NNE not exactly a feast!... but not a famine!

As Strumble is north facing any wind from the north is not ideal. With the usually prevailing south westerly's its a lee shore meaning we get a quieter sea but in a northerly it kicks up. As such it makes it a lot harder to spot porp's in the messy sea that is made worse by the tidal flows. It was Laura and Rens day off and I took them to Bosherston Lilly Ponds but they were keen to have a look at Strumble to finish off their day. Northerly's are cold at this time of the year but a couple of porp sightings in the gnarly sea had us trying hard to get a shot.It was a bit of a nightmare but eventually I got a couple of record shots and a distant black throated diver for the record, so another positive  day in the Strumble diary!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Strumble Diary 21/03/2017

I didn't expect to get a session in today but the gods and my darling wife were smiling on me. I arrived around 9.30ish to find a stiffening westerly with a moderate swell and scattered heavy showers. As we are on small tides there wasn't mush of a tide race but the porps were active all the same and thankfully quite close in too which makes seeing identifying marks much easier. Although most were unscathed one individual had a large scar on it's left flank and will be added to the fin/marked porp ID Database for future reference. If I had any doubts before as to the use of tail slapping as a comunication method they were dispelled today. Two individuals who had been feeding off to my right together had then gone their seperate ways. Later I observed one animal vigourously tail slapping in the same area and was watching as the other animal returned to it and they both then headed off with the tide toward Fishguard bay. It would seem the lower frequency of the sound made by slapping travels well under water in certain consitions and that they are able to home in on it.

Tail Slapping sequence.