Sunday, 19 November 2017

Strumble Diary 19/11/2017

A promising start weatherwise with scattered cloud and even some sunshine. That soon changed though and it was back to the high grey cloud cover that's been annoying me all week. I arrived just an hour or so after high water and was hoping for a better show than yesterday when I saw just three porpoise all morning. I needn't have worried though as the porps were still active and moving through in front of me as the ebb flow picked up. Then in the distance to the NW I spotted around eight Rissos cruising off towards St Davids Head too distant for any decent images though. Cliff arrived and we set to scanning for porps. Several good and close sightings brightened up the session and a short while after Tony and Stevo joined us. Tony spotted more Rissos approaching from the East (approx 15-20) and we tracked them for a mile or so until they rounded the island and headed West. A few more porp sightings as the ebb flow died away and it was time to call it  a day. All in all a good productive session.

First try at video editing , a glimpse of some Risso's today!

So just a taster for Kens main course!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Strumble 17-11-2017

A late entry posted saturday 18th.

Yesterday was a disaster weatherwise with the light remaining poor all through the day. I did go for a morning session and I saw three porps in total but in the gloom the images were awefull. I returned in the afternoon in the hopes things may be a little better and although the light had perked up a bit the wind had gone to the NW, increased and was incredibly cold. All was not lost though and I did manage to get some shots of distant Rissos as they passed way out to the NNW and rounded the island heading off toward St Davids. Now you may have heard about the unusual Octopus sightings in New Quay in the past few weeks and we too have watched in amazement as the newly arrived seal pups have been gorging themselves on Octopus at Strumble. Time after time they are bringing them up and in a lot of cases feeding the cheeky gulls which strike when the opportuniy arises and rob the young seals of their catch and you may have seen the images I've posted with the gulls flying off with their booty. Yesterday I flicked the video switch on my camera (not something I'm given to doing often) and attempted to capture the action. The seals obliged by bringing up the Octopus but the law of sod kept the gulls away except for one blackback which failed and was chased off by the seal. However it's a nice if short little record of what's going on at present in front of my office window and below is one of the clips I captured..

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Strumble Diary 15/11/2017

Thanks cliff for the previous post.

The session started slowly as I waited for the flood tide to get going. The conditions were calm with excellent visibility but as usual for this time of year the light was fair to poor. As Cliff mentioned they arrived shortly after me and we watched many porps mostly at a distance but showing poorly. After everyone had gone and as the race picked up several porpoise came in closer to feed their position indicated by the hoards of gulls that had now arrived. The porps were feeding well and so were the gulls as the porps drove the fish up to the surface. Sadly the light died away and I decided that enough was enough and I started packing away. Now I haven't done any landscape/sunset work for quite a while and sometimes the view from my office at Strumble can be quite spectacular, so forgive my indulgence as I could not let this one get away and anyway it reinforces the beauty of the best porp watching location in Europe and It would be rude not to share it with you all now wouldn't it..

Patience pays off for Ken!

 Team Sea Trust in action Left to right Zoe, Laura, Jens and Ken.
I took new interns Laura and Jens along with work experience volunteer Zoe to Strumble this afternoon.. Ken was already there so "Team Sea Trust" were there in force. The rising tide was only just  on the move but porpoises were showing. Sadly they were showing but only briefly sometimes just a fin tip which was pretty frustrating. Rich Campbell joined us later just before we left, leaving Ken and Richard to continue the watch. Apparently Kens patience paid off, over to you Ken...

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Back to Normal

After the excitement of yesterday it was business as usual at Strumble with a good many porpoise coming in to feed on the flood tide. We are well into the winter phase now with the seagulls having taken over from the gannets in pointing out the porps position. You soon get to learn how to watch the gulls reaction to figure out where a porp might surface although sometimes you can spend more time looking at gulls than getting the wider picture. The weather was not the best today with dull grey skies and the murk not too far away. Nevertheless it was worth the trip out there. As Yesterday just as I had put the kit away in it's bag I turned and spotted a breaching Rissos about a quarter mile away to the NE so it was out with the camera again and I managed a couple of fin shots before they rounded Mackerel point and went out of sight. Another pleasing session.