Saturday, 29 August 2015

More today from Strumble from Richard Stonier Via Strumble Head Sea Watching!

Is there anywhere in the uk with better shore based cetacean watching than Fishguard Bay/Strumble???probably not...
Sunfish - 1
Common Porpoise - showing on and off all day.
Common Dolphin - one pod of 15 animals
Risso's Dolphin - 3 (Including one very large all white animal)

Fishguard Bay Cetaceans keep on going!

Its a bit late and we are up early to go out on the Cartlett lady but The cetacean blast continues in Fishguard bay with images from Ken Barnett and the walrus

Its quite incredible but we have hardly been out on the outer breakwater recently without seeing either Porpoises or Bottlenose Dolphins or both! This morning it was looking pretty quiet , I noticed a blob in the water that I was just about to photograph as it disappeared below the surface. Barbara had a better view, and came over to tell me it was a turtle!
This afternoon Ken got shots of a really nice mother and calf porpoise at Strumble  and then we went out on the breakwater and over by Crin coed point several gannets and gulls etc, were feeding wit odd porpoises showing distantly. We went along to the end of the breakwater not expecting much when I spotted a dolphin out to the north and heading south at least half a mile away. It became a bit confusing but another/some others were also splashing about as the original started moving closer in. it ended up faffing about halfway along the breakwater towards Crincoed point but then sort of disappaered. Round about then  Ian Hotchin making his way back to his mooring , phoned me to say a couple of dolphins were hanging about in the harbour mouth..We got back in the car and headed back to the end of the breakwater...

Not enough time to really sort things out and Ken probably (as usual) got better shots ! over to you Ken!

Friday, 28 August 2015

A week in the life of Strumble... Porpoises, Common Dolphins and Risso's.

The Common Dolphin Sightings tie in with the ones seen around Fishguard Bay the past few days! It has been a feature in recent years during the warmer months!  

Tuesday 25th from Steve Berry, Simon Murray and Chris Grayell...

Common Dolphin - 5

Sunday 23rd August from Rich Stonier...

Common Porpoise - showing off and on.
Common Dolphin - small pod of about 5 animals
Sunfish - 1

Saturday 23rd August from Rich Stonier...

Porpoise - showing exceptionally well all day - lots of animals
Common Dolphin - showing well from mid morning until 1800.  Over 55 animals in 3+ pods.
Risso's Dolphin - 5 animals including 3 almost white probable males.
A trip to the breakwater this morning found me watching twelve bottlenose dolpins and a gaggle of Gannets. Most of the dolphins moved off soon after I arrived but four stayed for an hour or so and they were Apache-R with Ringo and the mother and calf I spotted a few days back who I'm calling  Notch and Scratch after the markings observed on them. The two calves played together while the adults were feeding before they moved off as a group toward Dinas Hd. Some twenty minutes later the mother and calf porpoise pair approached cautiously from the Pen Anglas direction but didn't stay very long. All in all a great morning.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A very distant view from the car park near the beacon at Harbour Village of what I thought at the time were bottlenose turned out to be Common Dolphin as the leaping animal below shows. There were about twelve in all  feeding vigorously in a small area about a mile offshore on the fringes of Fishguard bay.

Sad news from Clive!

There was a dead dolphin, looked like a small 'Common', on West Angle beach today 26/8

Clive Hurford

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

From the Beacon point at Harbour Village I saw that there were three Bottlenose off the north breakwater. A quick dash home to get the kit and ten minutes later I was standing behind the camera. These were previously unseen (to me anyway) individuals and they had some distinctive markings. The calf was very advanced and a job to tell apart from it's mother at a distance, although looking at the images both have notched dorsals to some degree. The other adult was very distinctive (Second image) with a very pale leading edge to the dorsal and a high degree of scarring on the right side of the dorsal. Look closely and you'll also see scars on the right of the body near the head. One observed behaviour I've not seen before (top image) was one of the adults swimming along with just it's head out of the water for some sixty metres or so, the rest of the body submerged at a 45 degree angle, more seal like than dolphin.

Not a long encounter but usefull in as much as it shows that different mothers are possibly resting their calves in the bay.
Enjoy the pics.

Breakwater cetacean fest!

Another interesting couple of hours on the breakwater! Ken got on there before I brought a family group with me and was watching and photographing some bottlenose dolphins when we arrived, They made their way out and we saw them but not great views, going away out of the bay. A few minutes later we spotted three porpoises passing by a single adult and a mother and calf!

A passing porpoise!

A porpoise with a calf just surfacing at its side!

The Calf...

More dolphin images from Ken to follow....

From Andrew Crowder - Strumble porps

A couple of hours at Strumble from midday. Lots of sea bird feeding activity but just the occasional porpoise siting. Then a pod of at least 20 porpoise cruised in front of the watch point heading west. They formed a tight group, all adults, and just kept moving through, never getting distracted by all the seabird feeding. They were not too far out and in good light and frequent surfacing gave great views. I tracked them well beyond the lighthouse and they were still moving in the same  formation. I've not seen porpoise travel in such a well ordered pod - very dolphin like. 
Also 2 black terns and 2 sooty shearwater. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Big Blue UK

Why do the BBC put the best shows on in the mornings!!! Catch up on the iPlayer or record. Cetaceans, sharks, Iolo etc. Every morning this week in tandem with the Californian epic  from Monteray Bay. Monday and Tuesday morning were outstanding.
....Hmm the Basking sharks yesterday were also pretty awesome!