Thursday, 24 April 2014

Strumble Risso's showing off!

Just got these shots of a breaching Risso's from Malcolm Barradell, taken at our Sea Trust Porpoise watch on Easter Monday! What an amazing experience and so good to be able to share with our Sea Trust supporters and the World Cetacean Alliance!
Images: Malcolm Barradell.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

cetacean surveying opportunity

A little while ago I got permission from Carl Milne of Stena Line to put a caravan on the Pebbly Beach site. land that Stena owns and which has restricted access.
The purpose is to allow our volunteers the possibility of surveying the Fishguard Bay on a hourly basis from eight am to six pm as often as possible. One of the problems we have encountered in the past is finding accommodation for volunteers wanting to help us. We paid £1200 for the caravan so need to recoup some cost but we think the opportunity to spend time in such an idyllic setting watching wildlife having been being trained to do so would be worth £20 per night.
The caravan is apparently a five berth but would probably be more comfortable for a couple or perhaps two or three friends.
To be allowed here is an immense privilege and whoever comes must respect that privilege and the sanctity and serenity of this magical setting.
We would expect that those taking advantage of this offer would diligently follow the survey routine and protocols, keep the caravan clean and leave it in a pleasant condition for those who follow them.
It is not a party venue but I am sure those taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity will respect the surrounding wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of this unique corner of Pembrokeshire...
For further details email:

River Dolphins?

Andrew Rickard

22:19 (31 minutes ago)
to me
hi cliff a story is emerging
a friend was near llangwm in the cleddau yesterday in his boat and he filmed two small dolphins feeding tail slapping and eyeballing them as they swam past 
I will try to see the film to confirm it

Newquay bottles from Ian Hotchin

About 12  Bottlenose dolphins sighted off Newquay harbour this afternoon.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Free Morgan!

Spring Sprung Big Time!

We had not managed to publicise our Easter "Spring has sprung" Porp' watch at Strumble very well, apart from a few posters and our mail list but the twenty odd people who turned up had a treat in store!
Our seemingly resident Risso's Dolphins spent at least an hour showing off and playing hide and seek in front of us. Happily we had several pairs of our new 10x25 compact binoculars with us so everyone was getting a good view. There were at least five probably six. At one time one breached repeatedly if distantly. Great sightings of porpoises grey seals and diving gannets contributed to a show worthy of one of David Attenborough's epic wildlife documentaries!
Malcolm Barradell of the World Cetcean Alliance had also joined us with Morgan a cuddly toy Orca representing a real live Orca imprisoned on Loro Park Dolphinarium Tenerife. Stolen from his pod He will no doubt go quietly mad and at some time attack his keepers as often seems to happen in these grim Whale Jails.
The disgusting irony is the fact that so called whale and dolphin lovers pay to keep these citadels of cetacean misery going, making the owners/jailers rich in the process.
Sea Trust stood up against this when the United Nations held its "Year of The Dolphin 2007" when we realised Loro Park was one of the sponsors. We protested that Loro Park should be cut out of the Year of the Dolphin, because they kept captive wild caught dolphins and Orca's and so they cut us out instead!
To see real live free cetaceans such as we did today, covering miles of ocean like an eagle ranges the sky, enforces my horror at the corruptness and sheer inhumanity of it all!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

From Richard Stonier,
6 Risso's Dolphin cruising slowly past Mackerel Rock at 1630 - very close in and easy to see with binoculars.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Strumble porps

H came in to tell us he'd seen just 1 single porp at Strumble this afternoon, but had been speaking to a couple who'd seen 3 earlier

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Porpoises around Pembs

From Phil Lees...
I was back in Porthgain again at around 7pm last night to pick up my other half after gig rowing practice. I manage 15 minutes or so watching from from the end of the Central Quay and there were 2-3 porps showing really well in the calm sea about 500 metres from the harbour entrance. They were foraging around one of the large orange buoys out there with a wonderful backdrop of hundreds of Manxies returning to the islands.

From Rhi Till...
Was up in Tresaith yesterday and was told a porp had been washed up on beach earlier . Sad news, authorities came to take away.

From Ian Hotchin...
2 porpoises seen near Carregwastad Point from the boat this afternoon, one was seen to tail slap the water about 6 or 8 times. Both adults.

From H...
Couple of porps for you. A pair at Mwnt, traditionally bottlenose territory. Tonight at approx. 7pm

From us...
This morning we went to Ramsey Sound where we watched at least 9 individuals pass through the Sound with the ebbing tide, to the South, most of which were foraging with gannets overhead. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

From Phil Lees...

It seems a while since I last saw a porpoise, Strumble back in mid January, and a very long time seeing a Porthgain Porp.  But on Friday evening, with the lure of sunshine, a calm sea and chips from The Shed I spent half an hour at the Beacon before wandering off to watch the peregrines. Within minutes of arriving I spotted a couple of porps and they and others continued to forage directly off the harbour around 500m to a kilometre out, for the half hour I was there. At least 4 possibly 6 but difficult to say as they were fairly dispersed.