Monday, 3 August 2015

Fishguard Bottles still here.

 The cow has a pale lozenge patch on her upper dorsal. fins leading edge but only on the right side with no obvious markings on the left side.

So we will  call her Apache-R, The calf is so far unmarked and beginning to show signs of independence so not much point in naming him/her!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Two hours spent on the Northern breakwater this morning and no sign of the mother and calf. I did spot three possibly four bottlenose about halfway between the breakwater and Dinas Hd but they didn't come into the inner bay. A quick sprint to Strumble Hd did produce some Porpoise action just about three hours after high tide as the ebb flow got going. They were feeding strongly and moving fast.

                                                     Double action.

                                          Just behind the curve with this shot.

                                         Over the top.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bottles still there !

For the past few days we have been lucky enough to find Bottles in Fishguard Bay with one female with a largish calf most prominent...

Friday, 31 July 2015

Jack on a voyage of discovery!

Jack Ford

21:52 (54 minutes ago)
to me

Cetacean calves!
Few miles off Ramsey island this morning, lots and lots of common dolphins and lots of calves as well, also later on off Treginnis point, half a dozen porpoise with calves as well! Very cute.
Also a small sun fish!.

Back on the Breakwater! Friday 31st July

Today we were back watching the bottlenose on the Northern Breakwater in Fishguard Bay where a mother and calf were seen swimming around the area. General behaviour included a few tail flukes, indicating sightly deeper dives, and the calf following the mother’s movements but were mostly seen just moving slowly around that area. They moved towards the mouth of the bay at 13:00 (GMT) but returned not long after as low tide was approaching. Around this time the wind speed increased and sea state picked up very quickly, but with the sun shining and dolphins swimming in front of us, you couldn’t have asked for a better lunch break!
Interestingly the mothers dorsal fin had a pale leading edge on he right side but was completelydark on the left side, (see above).
... Had  another look about 5 pm saw same animals off Pen Anglas. 

Thursday 30th July

Another day and another set of weather conditions saw a very dull and windy start to a day watching the Bottlenose off the Northern breakwater. We settled in a sheltered position and waited. It wasn't long before a mother and calf showed up and were just slowly moving around the general area. The calf was at times quite active and did do a few leaps and quick dashes around simulating a hunt.

They moved off to sea several times throughout the day and at one time another adult joined them and led them out toward Penanglas. We thought that would be it but they did return about 45 minutes later minus the other adult. The sun did eventually come out just as Cliff and Jack joined us. Mabe it's the "Cliff effect"  and we all enjoyed the thrill of watching on a now glorious afternoon. At around 15.45 they move off again toward Penanglas and as we had to leave soon anyway we decided to call it a day. Also spotted were Common Sandpiper, Medditerranean Gull, Black guillimot, Skua, Fular and an old Heron on the breakwater.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Following on from my posting of last night I've had a chance to process some more images this morning from yesterday's shoot at the Northern Breakwater. I hope they will be as active today.

All images © Ken Barnett/ Sea Trust

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thanks Cliff I guess it's over to me then.

Well what can I say.  I'll start by saying I've just spent one of the most awesome hour's ever. A trip to the Northern Breakwater where I used to play as a youngster and fish as a youth, but never did I see the likes of the show put on by these dolphins today. I think we got a great show and I hope there's more to come tomorrow. Anyway here's a couple of images for now and there will be more to follow as time permits.

Thanks again Cliff.

Dolphin aquabatics in Fishguard Bay

Some really nice dolphin action in Fishguard Bay...
a funny splash..
There is usually a logical answer 

Yep its a dolphin!

Definately two maybe more..

set the scene, your turn Ken!

Northern route survey report

Tony Gallon led a team of observers on board the Stena Superfast X from Holyhead to Dublin on Monday. Over both crossings they had a total of 13 harbour porpoises, 9+ common dolphins (2 pods) and 1 Minke whale. Fab stuff! Thanks guys for your efforts on these surveys, and a massive thanks to Stena Line for their continued support, as ever.